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Jennifer (Jena) Griffiths

Jennifer (Jena) Griffiths

Founding and board member International Contact Point HAFV (English)

1957 Born 7 January in South Africa. Scottish mother, Welsh/Cornish father.

Jena Griffiths has spent the last 16 years helping people from all around the world to discover their life purpose. She’s passionate about exploring the psyche through one’s hands and fingerprints. She is a Master hand analyst who trained directly with Richard Unger, author of LifePrints, over a period of 13 years. Jena hosted Richard Unger in Earth School over a six year period, interviewing him every week for students all around the world, helping bring his identification of advanced hand shape archetypes (over 65 career archetypes) to a wider audience.

Jena has a BA in social anthropology and a BSc in Psychology and a BSc Honours in Geography from the University of Cape Town, plus a Post Grad in Education from UNISA.

She has sailed around the world, one third with a baby. She has published articles in numerous magazines worldwide.


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