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Barbara Vassalli

Barbara Vassalli

Founding and Board Member Vice President & Secretary HAFV

There's a story about me that resembles the tale of Sleeping Beauty. For years, I found myself in the deepest, inner slumber, setting aside and burying my passion. I had lost my energy and motivation, feeling only tired and resigned, everything seemed exhausting. Eventually, a good friend brought me to a hand analyst, promising that he could reveal my hidden potentials and life purpose. And that's exactly what he did! With his hand analysis, he awakened me from my hundred-year sleep and motivated me to resume my path.

Through hand analysis, I can fully unfold my life's purpose and passionately pursue my passion. Namely, touching people deeply, awakening them, showing them their long-hidden treasures, and motivating them to follow their path again. I've long answered the question of life's meaning for myself by learning to be with our fellow human beings, to love and exchange with them. Living our interpersonal relationships, while seeing, feeling, and getting to know ourselves.

The essence of human beings, their languages, and cultures have always deeply touched and fascinated me. Thus, the essence of humanity has always been guiding for me and my life. Whether in my profession, in education and training, or in the family.

All these diverse encounters continually inspire and fascinate me anew, giving me enormous energy, joy of life, and the courage to be who I am, to follow my path, and to embark on the adventure of life!


  • Education at the Pedagogical University of Chur 
  • Federal Certificate of Proficiency (BIGA) for multicultural services 
  • with assignments around the globe 
  • Body and Psychosynthesis according to Assagioli at PPPI
  • Transpersonal Psychology at PPPI
  • Various body-oriented energy and healing methods
  • Training as a Master Hand Analyst according to Richard Unger IIHA CA 
  • Various further education and supervision with Richard Unger 
  • Training as a Hand Analysis Trainer by Richard Unger
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